Friday, March 15, 2013

Art of Drywall

My first seam.
My moment has come.  It's my turn to take over the forward momentum of the Studio.  Mudding and taping the drywall is the first thing on my list.  I would like to bring an important fact to light, I have very little experience when it comes to mudding and taping.  But with practice comes competence  There are different types of tape, tools, and techniques used by both professionals and 'Do-It-Yourselfers".  After a quite a few hours of frustration and YouTube interruptions I can confidently say I don't entirely suck at mudding and taping. 

On that note by the time I'm finished with this building I may consider a career change... no I won't, whoever does this for a living is insane. 

In quilting we call this a 'Y' seam.  In drywall we call it another &$#@ing corner.  But I have persevered so far, and I find the swearing has dropped from constant irrational streaming to a calm repetitive s-word every 3 feet. 

As I may have mentioned before this is my favorite part of the studio, it is the front door area... what I have yet to mention was the difficulty I had in achieving such a nice seamless taping job here.  I would love to go into long fault finding explanations about my husbands poor job of hanging drywall but in all reality it isn't entirely his fault (plus did you see the bubbles in that photo above, I really can't complain too much).  I swear the building is twisted, not crooked but twisted (must have been why we liked it at first).  

Figure 1.0
This was only the beginning of the taping torture.  May I present Figure 1.0, or otherwise known as 'No, I want to keep the post, it's pretty' or 'Why did we keep this stupid... beep, beep, post!'.  I know it should come to no ones surprise that we failed to spring for the metal corner pieces that make these outside corners a breeze... although I think I may know some people who make cleaner drywall cuts, not pointing fingers (ahem... Jeremy).  Anyhow as messy and uncertain as this appears I have already added the first (extremely thick) coat of mud over this and it looks fine. 

Finally I would like to show you where I am now (skill wise) with my mudding.  

 It may be almost impossible to see or understand but that is one flat looking seam.  Anyhow I have an endless number of pressing things to attend to (and a cup of tea to drink) so that is all for the update.  I was planning to go into what tape I prefer and why and technique details but I seriously doubt anyone reading this post would ever take my advice.

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