Sunday, April 28, 2013

Renovation 400

Well I believe I will open this blog post as most Canadian blog posts have been opened for the past month... Can you believe this Spring?  I haven't updated the blog in a month mostly due to some spring blues.

Anyhow the snow is mostly gone and the weather is looking warmer (finally).  I have been working my tail off trying to force my way through the onerous steps of mudding drywall.  It's been a learning curve but I'm more than capable of mudding/taping/sanding the next building.... Although the thought makes me want to cut off my hands.   It's done.  I will never have to work on drywall in this studio ever again!

Today Jeremy and I started the priming.  He's all back on board... I could go into a wifely tale of abandonment and how a woman is the center of the universe, but Jeremy did work on the studio with no insulation or heat all winter... So I'll hold my tongue.  We had to rent some scaffold to reach the vaulted ceiling in the main room.  While we had the scaffold we (I) decided to get all the tapping/mudding/sanding/repeat/primer/paint and finally the fan hung.  Jeremy put the fan up.  Priming was fun (sarcasm).  Jeremy and I had an on going conversation.

A: "This looks good, do you think it really needs a second coat of primer?"
B: "Well, we should do it right the first time"

Basically every 20 minutes or so we would have this conversation, switching back and forth being Mike Homes.

All drywall aside, it's time to pick out colours! *smack self in head* I really don't like this part.  Every time I figure it's going to be awesome to get the colours picked out... but then it snowballs into a second guessing, back and fourth nightmare.  Honestly I know exactly what I want, kind of.  I need a creative, down to earth, soothing, inspiring, energetic, grown-up, playful, comfortable, place to sew.  See easy, lime green... Obviously.  I have known pretty much since the beginning that the main colour in the studio had to be lime green.  So why am I second guessing that decision?  I mean I second guess other decisions all the time (marriage, kids, Saskatchewan), but this one I was sure of.  Anyhow as I stare at the computer my mind is changing it's self again so here is the photo of the colours I have picked out.

I have every single paint chip off the rack... seriously like 400 of them and I went through each one, one by one.  I totally hate all these colours now... Maybe I should just go paint it orange tomorrow.

Here's Jeremy making fun of my DIY stirstick.  I like to stir in comfort, that means with a handful of stick, not 3 measly inches.

Well with paint being a hypothetical done deal in a couple days it's time to turn the think tanks on to flooring.  Jeremy informed me that my one and only option is laminate, since he built everything with the mantra "laminate can fix that" in mind.  I'm fine with this (although I pretended not to be at first just to see how our marriage was doing, we're still good).  Anyhow with this decision made I was sent to take some actual measurements.  We had already crunched the guesstimate numbers but we needed something more concrete to go on.   Turns out or cleverly named Renovation 600: The Studio was perhaps an exaggeration... by about 200 square feet.  Yea, 412 square feet... hmmmm, it seamed so much bigger, but than again I'm short.  So I could either mourn the loss of 200 square feet or rejoice in my much reduced flooring estimate, I'm still on the fence on this one.

Here is most recent video of the Studio.  I apologize for my carrying on over the corners, but there ARE a lot of corners.

So with Spring in full force and Summer around the corner (fingers crossed eh!), Jeremy and I have been talking about nothing but our impending move...  That's right we are moving into this studio.  We plan to begin massive renovations at the house in July.  I'm so far ahead of myself I'm in the wrong darn race.  The projects for the studio go as thus:

Finish paint
Fix hatch to creepy crawl space
Install rough pluming and hook up hot water tank ("before there are too many spiders" -Jeremy)
Flooring (laminate, same throughout)
Paint and clean windows doors
Fix all the "I'll get that later" stuff.

Deadline: July. OK. Please send all alcoholic donations to:

Crazy Lady and Husband
1234 Middle of Nowhere, Saskatchewan

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