Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And There Was Light...

The lights are on.  I don't really know if I'm able to project my happiness across the internet to you, but THE LIGHTS ARE ON!!!  A minor paperwork foul up left us waiting for the power for a little longer than expected, but once everything was sorted out SaskPower was at the Studio within a couple hours and 10 minutes after they got here we were in business.  It's so much easier to work in the Studio without tripping on extension cords and dealing with work lights in the vast dark Canadian prairies. 

Lights are defiantly an improvement of the working conditions but honestly its about to get better as soon as we get the heat on.  A couple of things need to be finished before we can turn that thermostat on... like installing the thermostat.  But also finishing up the insulation above the bathroom and bedroom ceilings, and installing the exhaust fan for the bathroom at the same time.  Putting in a proper door, and building an insulated access door to the attic.  There is no point on heating a poorly insulated building.  So in a moment of insanity (and also because I knew Jeremy really didn't want to do it) I volunteered to finish insulating the attic and to install the exhaust fan.  I give Jeremy a lot of credit for his dismissive shrug, and not showing the panic that must have been going through his mind.  An hour or so later I was done, sorry no photos... I was too busy.  

Nothing but bills from here on out. 

 Anyhow while I was busy inhaling fiberglass Jeremy was installing the next exterior door in the back porch.  Step one was to measure the door... Step two was to build a new frame on the interior wall to mount the door, and step three was to cut a GIGANTIC hole... Does that hole look too big?  That's because it is too big.  Luckily this isn't an exact science and nothing a level a whole ton of shims and some spray foam can't fix.  Jeremy has also been puttering around finishing off projects here and there getting ready to turn on the heat and set me loose in the Studio with a huge bucket of mud and some tape.  I'm optimistic about mudding the Studio alone... but I'm not entirely certain how it's going to pan out with the 15 foot ceilings, and some fairly obnoxious gaps... But I'm up for the challenge  plus it'll be warm in there. 

Back Door Before
Back Door After... needs trim. 


  1. Hooray!!!! Pressure is on Sam......mudding isn't all that bad! Just remember LESS IS MORE and creative painting can hide a lot.

  2. Wow it's all happening at your end! The studio is looking fantastic and is already developing its own character and style. Looking awesome!!