Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two Years And Counting

 Two years.... Well we appear to be approaching the coveted and elusive finish.  We still have endless little things and some pretty massive things at the main house to do but the studio is actually approaching the end.  Jeremy spent quite a few hours in the basement at the Studio installing this dead-sexy manifold plumbing system.  The water hadn't been turned on for over 10 years, so the town guys (Thanks Rob and Dean) came over and... well turned the crank.  Other than a slight leak at the meter everything went surprisingly well....  Jeremy is scowling at my lack of confidence, but it just seemed too good to be true.  I mean I don't think anything we have done has actually worked the first time, with the first plan.  I mean to come off without a hitch is just fundamentally confusing to me.  Then we had to see if the ancient hot water heater would work... and it did.  It's actually quite anti-climatic to tell the truth.  I'm so used to typing something more like:

"So we downed a couple beer and reassembled our thoughts into a new and more extravagant plan than before that would require twice the amount of materials and two more weeks of knee splitting work."

So yeah, now we have both a working bathroom and kitchenette.  Shout out to Clint, thanks for your help with the tub.

I suppose it all wasn't all migraine and fear free finishes.  This tub (which I adore because its soooo cute) almost gave Jeremy a coronary when he finally got his gumption up and drilled the holes for that fancy faucet.  Just to give a timeline to this renovation project I first posted about working on this bathroom in..... September, which means we probably really started in August, wow.  The bathroom still needs a mirror and some art, and that'll be it.... Yeah, that's it.  Weird. 

Imagine a big bright painting above the sink. 

 We decided that the most cost-efficient, and by that I mean most labour-intensive solution to a countertop, would be to tile it.  I originally wanted to do it in screaming red tile but when my parents arrived bearing Christmas presents I was outnumbered 3 to 1.  So large white (ahem, boring) tiles it was.  Luckily I was due for some good karma and I found the only 12 white tiles in town and bought them.

Kitchenette complete, I feel the need to devulge our dirty laundry.  By that I mean tell you about one of the largest pressure points in our marriage:

Jeremy is an average sized man standing at 5'10", I am a short...ish woman standing at 5'2"3".  These counters are 37".  Needless to say I was pissed disheartened.  Jeremy is angry frustrated.  Whenever conversation even drifts toward this topic I swear both our nostrils start flaring............  Seriously we just started arguing about it again just now............. OK done (for now).  During my research I discovered average is 36", but my argument is that I only have so many inches to spare, and it's my Studio anyway so I win.  I have decided not to force a redo, but like hell I'm going to keep my mouth shut (insert evil laugh).

The rest of the studio is slowly but surely coming together.  I need to come up with a couple more storage solutions to really eliminate the clutter but it is functioning at almost optimal capacity.  If you care about what happens in this room you could check out my other blog Quilting Curve.  Well basically all that needs to be done is some trim work, touch up painting, and transition strips between rooms.  I could get all rowdy and get into landscaping plans but I'll save that rant for spring.  I really hope this winter helps us keep up the momentum and we can move onto the massive stuff over at the main house.  I'm apprehensive to state a start, or for that matter finish date on our next project at the main house, but I'm hoping to get demolition at least started just in time to make Christmas an ordeal.  Well I'll leave with a video of the gross water coming out of the pipes for the first time, because that's always fun.