Monday, May 13, 2013

The Colour of Insanity

So what is the colour of insanity, well I did my research and it's orange so nobody can call me on this one.  Sorry, I think I may still be a little loopy from painting that studio.  As per my previous post I antagonized endlessly over colour (mostly because like hell I'm going paint it again).  I went with my instinct which does pay off now and then.

 This green is the coolest colour I've ever seen, but I was still apprehensive about splashing it up on the walls that I plan to be surrounded by for most of my coming days.  I mean I like ginger too, but that doesn't mean I should put it in my coffee.

The front porch or 'nook' as I like to call it so Jeremy and I stop getting confused about which porch we are talking about, got the 'Seafoam' treatment.  Where in approximately one third of the main area received the controversial but aptly named 'Jaunty'

I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I painted the bedroom/office a generic kind of grey colour and the bathroom is a light lemony colour.  Jeremy hopped on board and installed the light fixtures once the ceilings were done.  

Whew, what an ungodly job.  The building is so small so it felt like I was spinning in circles dripping paint the whole time.   I'm insanely pleased with the results so far.  Although there is an awfully long way to go, I can't help but feel as though the worst is behind us.

  We caught a sale and bought the flooring for the studio last week and we were expecting to have the laminate in our ready and willing hands but unfortunately the materials will not be available to us until the end of May.  I am disappointed but glad for a short reprieve where perhaps we can tackle some of the more mundane of the Spring chores... or even just pick up some of the beer cans...  So I tidied up the lawn of the studio as to keep the town inspectors off our backs (and subdue the neighborhood grumblings).  At the same time we have also emptied out the shop of all our boxes, some of which have not been opened for 9 years.  So my clean-up efforts at the studio are basically made void.   Soon the 'treasures' that we have been toting around for who knows what reason will be up for sale at the community garage sale in the coming weeks.  

The main focus of the renovation hell that is our lives has been on the studio but to a lesser degree Jeremy has been insulating his shop and building (in my opinion) fancy counters, work benches, cupboards and shelves.  He has done an exceptional job (keeping the cost hidden from me in the process).  The building process in his shop is basically complete, and pretty much relevant to our success when we start the big one in July.  

 My last little blurb pertains to the discovery of this old trunk in the garden shed.  It's pretty beat up and unfortunately loot free.  But it's still an interesting piece.  I'm going to hang onto it for a while and see if I ever get around to restoring it.