Sunday, October 21, 2012

"The Studio"

The Studio
Our new and improved yard
We have been living in Eatonia for about a month.  When we originally looked at our current home, we couldn't help but notice the cute little house 30ft to the right.  The house next door seemed vacant, so we took a little peek through the windows and saw that someone had the interior torn down to the studs.  Later that day, we bought our house and have been keeping our eye on the neighboring house ever since.  Being the pro-active go-getter that I am (LOL), I took a wander down the street to the town office one day and asked who owned that little house.  The lady in the office couldn't give me the name, but said that she would pass on the message.  I figured this was a good start... so I continued to flap my big mouth, asking about the house all around town until there came a knock on my door at 8pm one evening.  There stood a pretty young woman and her boyfriend asking if we were the people making inquiries about her house.  We went and took a look at the house with them by flashlight (as there is no power hooked up) and made an offer...which she accepted almost immediately. She picked up her tools, we signed a single piece of paper, and now we own not one, but two "from the ground up" houses in Eatonia.   The house comes with a pile of new 2x4's and some pink insulation that had already been gathered for the renovations. Our yard has gained a nice chunk of grass, a fire pit, and a garden.  Our plans for the house are fairly well established... since we have been hoping to get our hands on it from Day One.  Basically, the house will become a quilting studio for me, complete with a spare room and bathroom for out-of-town guests...(Jeremy's just counting the days until my mountains of quilting supplies are no longer occupying the majority of his newly aquired garage).  Some of the  floor plan details are unclear, but it's all coming together nicely.  Since we only took possession of it a couple days ago, I think I may be feeling a little optimistic, as my plans seem to be getting a little extravagant for 600 square feet.  Well, the jokes could just keep coming but instead, I took a "before clean-up" and "after clean up" video.  Enjoy

Presenting "The Studio".

A little tidied up.


  1. It's all looking great. You guys are doing an awesome job with the 2 'renos' you have going.

  2. How wonderful to have your quilt studio in a separate building, but right next door! I'm sure this will be a lot of work (talk about a WIP!), and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with it.