Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

We have been working on The Studio as much as time permits.  Jeremy has been wrapping up year- end at work and the snow has been flying for a while now (Halloween in a blizzard isn't much fun... for parents).  Slowly but surely we have finally come to a plan, a course of action, of what needs to be done next!  More demo...  There was obnoxious amounts of old cardboard, wood boards, curtains  and garbage sitting on these rafters... oh, and the dust! I will be picking black boogers out of my nose for a week (I was wearing a dust mask).  The nice thing about this little house is that everything is straight and dry (well, it looks like it's straight to me, but Jeremy thinks otherwise).  We took the scrap wood and cut us up some more Saskatchewan fire wood for next summer. 

Jordan and Payton are getting proficient at pulling nails.  

Jeremy and I have stood in The Studio for hours discussing how I want to use the space.  I have been thinking about it so much that I'm now having nightmares about making some sort of critical mistake... which ultimately is ridiculous, considering all I need is a big open space with lots of outlets and one big wall for designing.  We have decided on a full bathroom (shower only), and a smallish bedroom (queen size bed and small TV).  Also, we will plumb in for a sink in one of the large rooms in case I get into dying fabric.  The heating was a hard decision, you can see in the photo with the kids a register in the floor.  There is a more than adequate gas furnace in the crawl space, but the gas to the house is not hooked up.  When the previous owner tore out the wood chip insulation they failed to cover the registers and thus they are packed with debris.  We decided to go with electric baseboards or some other sort of electric heat...with such a small space, it'll still be relatively economical.

Under some of the flooring we found some newspapers from the 40's.  I haven't had a chance to really take a good look, but in the help wanted section I did find an ad from my home town of Prince George, BC.  A sawmill in Prince George was offering to pay $0.89 an hour for general labour!


  1. Well, I'm hooked, Sam. I remember way back when we were young. vbsigh. But good for you. I'm intrigued with that neighbouring house. Go girl. And me? Well, it is time to go through our old farmhouse after 30 years. It was similar to your "have I got a deal for you" situation and I am also eyeing up a corner of my farmer's barn for a studio which will have a sink as my quilting has morphed into wanting to dye my own fabric. Who knew quilting could lead to acquiring real-estate! lol

  2. Wow. Oh Sam - I am SO excited for you!! You are so lucky. The weather is harsh - too hot in the summer and too old in the winter, too windy in the spring, and the fall is too short. lol I hope great gifts ini life come your way as a result of moving here. I read somewhere, "when you love the prairies, the priaries will love you back". : ) It's absolutely true.

    All the best,
    I hope to meet you some day

    ~Monika K in Saskatoon

    1. Monika, you are absolutely right I think, about loving a place. You just have to accept it and it will accept you. Thanks for the inspiring words.