Monday, March 24, 2014

Michael Finnegan Begin Again

From the stairs.
Well the time has come.  Why relax when there is demo to do?  Jeremy got the itch, he just couldn't leave it alone.  Hahaha jokes on him though, it's not as much fun as it used to be!  I started this blog in September 2012... We have been hair straight back pretty much since then.  Jeremy spent his evening last night reading through the blog... I peeked over his shoulder every once and a while and I get tired just looking at it.  But as I said Jeremy just couldn't let it be so here we are again renovating.

The second bedroom on the main floor of the house (our room) is pretty teeny so with a couple of long conversions filled with animated over zealous gestures we decided on an action plan.  Step one was demolition (as always).  We took our the closet between the bedrooms and decided to (with a suggestion from Jeremy's dad) to move the door into the bedroom to the stairwell instead of the living room.

The closet.

From bedroom

After packing endless amounts of drywall out of the room we gained an extra two feet to our bedroom.  

We are sleeping in the living room again... sigh.  Jeremy promises that this is the last time... until we do the floors...  Speaking of floors how lucky are we that the hardwood runs seamlessly throughout.  Drywall overtakes my every spare moment and mostly because it's been sitting in a neat little pile in the living room (also where I sleep).  It's been there so long that the kids have drawn targets on it and proceed to shoot their Nerf guns at it whenever I leave the room.  Jeremy has been preoccupied since the weather took a turn toward Spring (a balmy -15C). 

My much repressed objections towards this recent lapse in renovation bliss is stifled by his sending me to Peru in November with various members of my family... I just can't bring myself I force him back to it... although it was he who started this whole process again.  Well for the moment I will keep my seething silence (with the casual dig veiled in sarcasm once in a while).  Hopefully the weather will co-operate soon and we can get outside and keep the momentum rolling, although I foresee many more hours in the shop working with his other wife (motorcycle). 

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  1. Hey guys-looking great on the renos! PS: Sandy and Lyle just here-heading to Vegas to spend your inherit ance (Sam-thank you for the beautiful handmade scarf-your creativity is endless. Hugs. Auntie Diane