Sunday, December 8, 2013

Eye of the Tiger

December has come.  All the crazy hussle bussle of the holiday season is upon us.  But before December comes November, my new favorite month.  This is entirely due to a surprise trip to Peru from my mom and Jeremy.  So instead of leading with an endless tirade of profanities relating to drywall or other stages of a seemingly endless renovation, I will let you gaze jealously at a couple of photos of me in Peru.  

Machu Picchu Ruins

Well the vacation came to an abrupt end and a real shock back into reality when the temperature here in Saskatchewan reached a chilly if not downright freeze-your-fun-bits off -49°C.  While I was gone off on one wild adventure after another, Jeremy took care of the kids and finished hanging the remaining drywall.

And once again it was a slow and steady descent into mudding madness.  

It never stops hurting...  I can't even look at these photos and not shudder with a sense of foreboding.  The jigsaw is just too real.

Just like any nightmare, it had to end sometime, and it was over... Drywall Happy Dance!

Moving on to stage... oh whatever, Flooring, yay!

 We always knew that we were going to be doing carpet in the attic, and we were lucky enough to find some of this carpet with the built-in underlay.  Jeremy installed carpet years ago on another of our homes... and swore up, down, and sideways he would never even contemplate trying that again.
This stuff, on the other hand, is a completely different install.  It's a lot like lino insofar as you cut it to fit and lay it down.  I think this was a good choice for our flooring because we didn't want to lose any more height clearance by installing a subfloor... and if the underlay doesn't prove to be enough, we can just roll it up and put some extra underlay under it.

As expected, the install went smoothly and we had all three areas done in no time.  The hardest room only took about an hour and a half.

Cat photo bomb
 Just because I so enjoy list making:

  • Framing
  • Electrical
  • Stairs
  • Contemplation
  • Stair Rebuild
  • Insulation
  • Whole Bunch of Little Crap
  • Drywall
  • Peru
  • Mud and Tape
  • Paint
  • Christmas Shopping (oh crap)
  • Carpet
  • Move Kids to New Rooms
  • Enjoy New Found Privacy
  • Doors
  • Window and Door Trim
  • Baseboards
  • Bathroom... whole new adventure....
All the walls are soundproofed too! 
Well that's about all I have to show for now.  As with any Do-It-Yourself project, there is a truly endless list of 'little' big things to do.  But for this winter, we will be taking a break from biting off gigantic wads of "what the hell did we just do that for?".  It's time to sit back, drink some eggnog, get back to sewing, work on a motorcycle (Jeremy), and plan the living room/master bedroom/kitchen project.  Now just in case anyone remembered, I predicted a project end date of December 14th... Well today is December 8th, and I even fit in a trip to Peru...  Feeling good. 

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