Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Longer Days

The new front door.
 Well, as February carries us closer to the ever elusive Spring, our spirits are bolstered by some fairly serious progress towards civility.  Jeremy took a long and probably arduous trip to Edmonton at the end of January to pick up the second half of our kitchen cabinets.  Where upon he was also under instruction to pick-up (if he could...) a door, lights, tile, and all sorts of hoopla.  With many phone calls and photo e-mails and about 16 hours of shopping he made it home with all the essentials... he managed to cram 1500lbs of tile into the back seat of his truck!

I am very impressed by his tenacity, as I could only have handled about 3 hours at most.  Thanks to Jeremy's cousin's hubby Rob in Edmonton for being an awesome interior-decorating wingman, hanging out in Tile and Lighting stores with Jeremy for an entire (very long) Saturday!

I know I have been more than vocal about my kitchen floors (it still hurts).  Cutting them out was extremely hard, I have trouble envisioning the completed project without them.

Unbelievable, that this is only one area.

It has taken us so long to get up to the resurfacing of the renovation because of all the things that go on behind the scenes, or walls in this case. Things like puzzling through the literal rats nest of wires that existed in the basement.  To properly give an idea of what I'm talking about, imagine NEVER tripping a breaker when the fridge, microwave, toaster, and truck block heater (at -40C) are all on the same circuit.  A disaster waiting to happen indeed.

Jeremy, with his OCD in overdrive, has remedied the situation, rewiring the entire house and bringing it into the proper century and up to code to boot. 
In Progress...

 I have been desperately trying to get the drywall done (motivation being my biggest opponent), and with Jeremy at my back the entire time asking if I'm done yet it has been a rough go.  Luckily my mother came for a visit and helped to drive the project forward... until we had a beer or two.... Oh well, I don't get to see her enough as it is, so to hell with renos for a while.   Life can't come to a halt...  well, a complete halt anyhow. We did end up getting the drywall sanding done, yelling across the house with the shop vac going.  A good visit all in all.

Under the disaster of a hardwood floor there was shiplap.  More than enough strength to support my new beautiful tiles, once Jeremy glues and screws a plywood subfloor on to it. I am really happy with the huge variation in the tiles and I think the cupboards are going to work really well.


  • Complete Painting (pick a colour... Ugh)
  • Lay Tile and Grout
  • Build Cabinets
  • Install Cabinets
  • All the other little crap in between.

Photo just doesn't do them justice...
So that is were we stand with all of our excuses.  Ever re-frame an entire wall to move a door over by one inch?... Its ridiculous and oh so vital.  Crawl into a space where no human should go to pass wires through a tiny hole you can't really see?  Cry with a prybar and a hammer in your hand (don't answer that)?  But as the days get longer we get more and more done.  Its only a matter of time (4 weeks) before.... well who knows.

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