Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Harvest Time

 Fall is upon us and here in Saskatchewan that means harvest time.  Jeremy is working long hours at the shop, doing his part to keep those combines combining.... Anyhow with fall came the realization that the weird tree up front of the house wasn't an apple tree but a plum tree.  The poor tree was in dire need of a serious trim so I took an afternoon and started hacking away.  After an hour or so of consistent swearing and a hundred little tiny scratches that are like burning needles of damnation later on in the shower.  I found the tree.
 What a cool looking trunk this tree has.  I have never really lived anywhere where fruit trees grow (except apples).  I'm super excited to put the hose to this tree in the spring and hopefully help it come back to life in an awesome, sweet, juicy way.

 Life, as always is super frustrating.  But I think the worst frustration is having everything we need to move forward (drywall, windows, wire...) yet having no time to accomplish the projects.  That being said we have been able to carve out some progress on the attic renovation. Firstly was an excess of silly little bits and bobs that needed to be done.  Things like one more piece of insulation here, or to tie in that last outlet into the circuit.  We have finished all those frustrating little things that had stymied so much of our ambition.

We decided to take on Payton's room with a all out, hell bent, get er' done attitude... So we put in a new window, and had a beer, taped some seems, and had a beer, mulled over this and that, and had a beer...
 Then we finally got down to business.
dresser cubby

 Things you forget to remember about Drywall:

  • It sucks
  • You can't fix 'everything' with mud
  • Get all your tools... yes all, you will need them in 2 minutes
  • Watch that YouTube video again
  • It sucks
  • Nothing will ever be square or straight so get over it

 So that is Payton's room all taped.  There is still an excess amount of mudding and sanding that needs to go into the room before paint but here we go again.

Another happy fall thought is the thought of school!  Whoo Hoo, game on drywall.  Both kids are in school full time this year (Grade 1 and Grade 2).

They had a good summer of spear making, skinny dipping, and bike riding.

I have one final thing I would like to share a video I took for my Aunty Kim who asked me to show her where I lived.

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