Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Middle?

Well, it isn't the beginning... it isn't the end... it also isn't the middle... So.... Oh whatever, we are shifting gears.  The studio has numerous 'little' things that need to be done to make it done, but it's done enough.  I moved all my quilting stuff out of the house and into the studio and, holy crap, do I have a lot of sewing stuff!  Also, my living room in the house is really big.  

Summer is here and, as I have been dreading, it's time to take a bite out of the house.  In case you missed it, we are building a staircase in our present bedroom into the attic where we plan to build two bedrooms for the girls and a water closet type bathroom.  

This attic project is the first of a series that will see the house transform into a functional and funky (Jeremy doesn't know it's going to be funky yet) modern home.  The plan would ideally see the first half of the house (attic, living room, master bedroom) completed by Summer 2014 (1 year), but the chances of that are 1 in 50.  So like champs we are going to try anyway. 

I'm taking the kids back to British Columbia for a couple weeks and Jeremy is going to get started on the staircase and the framing of the attic.  I will return, leaving the kids in BC with their grandparents for another two weeks, and Jeremy and I will continue on with trying to get the bedrooms up to drywall so the kids could move in to at least one of the rooms.  

It's going to be a journey actually living in renovations again, this is our 4th house we have renovated.  Although, this is going to be the most extensive project so far.

It all begins with a plan and some wood... passed up a tiny hole in the bathroom closet.   So our plan basically goes like this:
  • Frame half the attic 
  • Demo our bedroom to make room for stairs
  • Build stairs hoping they end up where we planned 
  • Insulate attic (spray foam?) 
  • Wine... I mean wire attic
  • New windows
  • Rough-in water closet plumbing
  • Frame master bedroom on main floor
  • Drywall and all that crap
Well consolidating all these thoughts here on the computer screen has made me go cross eyed.  

Jordan and Payton playing in Jordan's future bedroom
The masking tape is the proposed walls

The kids are always ready to do a project so they got to paint the cat house.

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