Monday, January 28, 2013

Insulation, Inspection, Inspiration

Jeremy finished up the interior wiring  bowing down to my insistence that I NEEDED my sewing machines and iron on separate circuits so you don't get that whole dimming of the lights every time the iron kicks on.  Anyhow he ran everything and got all the outlets installed with a little help from myself (I held the wire rolls, and drilled some holes ;).  When we realized that the electrical code had been re-written (75 pages) in Saskatchewan.  It is now required to have tamper proof outlets in both new construction and renovations. 
            Old Style                         Tamper Poof
Personally I'm a little miffed that we had to buy all new outlets.  Especially since I really don't see a need for them.  But the best part was my husbands swearing, to say he was a little miffed is the biggest understatement of our year.  It was truly creative and inspiring the way he combined words to create concepts that I've never heard of (which is impressive since I worked in a sawmill once).  Anyhow the juices must have been flowing because next came insulating around the wiring while we waited for the inspector.  So Jeremy cut strips of poly and suspended the insulation on the vaulted ceiling this way.  
Now we can just put up the poly when the inspection is over and avoid unnecessary seams. 

It can be endlessly frustrating working on old houses.  One of those things is the jigsaw puzzle that is insulating the walls.  Jeremy and I can usually work well together, but I'm not gonna lie, this ended up being a particularly difficult job for the husband wife duo.  Nothing a poorly thrown hammer can't fix... That and stalking off in a towering rage because SOMEONE (me) didn't put the 'pretty' side out when I put the insulation in the wall... I thought it was the pretty side... Nothing a 10 AM beer won't fix.
More insulation photos :) 
Despite the insulation being patch worked into the walls it's really not making a ton of difference with the temperature inside the building.  When it's -30 odd degrees outside there just isn't a fix for that, although Jeremy swears by a dollop of Carolans in the coffee.

It's really starting to look like a building now.

The inspector arrived and passed Jeremy's wiring with flying colours (I knew I picked him for a reason).  Obviously this is after changing out the old style outlets.  So now we can close up the walls and maybe get some heat in there!   Unfortunately we have been waiting on an electrician to hook up the panel and tie us into the grid... for 3 weeks... until I made a very serendipitous connection with a woman who happens to have an electrician husband who does residential wiring.  He (Shawn) came over three days later and got a start on the Studio.  So in a flurry of activity Jeremy and our friend Kirby went to town on installing the vapor barrier.  Jeremy came home with a load the other day that brought tears to my eyes... Drywall.  Work continues and is coming along more everyday, Jeremy and Kirby have been working like crazy, and the count down is on til our first guests arrive in February. 


Video of some of the Progress


  1. Nice going Jeremy - that was from grandad on the electrical, needless to say he was very impressed, the ceilings make all the difference with the vaulted idea. You two really do work well together BUT please do not try lying carpet it really did not work for us at kala daka and you know the many YEARS we had worked in tandem prior to. Love G & G.

  2. Okay.....I finally figured out how to post a comment! I'm thinking Jeremy comes by the creative language quite honestly. His Dad has contributed a few words to the english (??) language. BE STRONG! Alberts woman; nothing we can't bear
    Well, we didn't get to be the first guests in the studio but sleeping on the mattress in the middle of your living room with the 2 cats playing hockey on/over and all around us all night with something (??) was a pretty good second. Next visit we'll get the suite!