Saturday, September 29, 2012

800 Square Feet

"Home Sweet Home",  The phrase that usually runs through the minds of a young couple buying a home (or in our case our 3rd).  Relocating from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, hadn't been exactly what we were going for, but before I get ahead of myself I would like to introduce the family.
 This is a picture of Sam (me, on the left) and my husband (my greatest nemesis and love of my life), Jeremy;  the leaders of this relocation renovation enterprise.  Long story short, Jeremy got a promotion into management and we had to move to the Flatlands to take advantage of the opportunity (plus we heard there was some cheap real- estate).  There were other motivations driving us East... things like the cost of living in Northern B.C. being outrageous, and a shift in what we were finding important in our lives, namely money and having more of it in our pockets instead of paying interest on a mortgage that we could never hope to pay off in our lifetime.  Anyhow, accompanying us on this downward spiral of renovation disaster (Jeremy doesn't like me calling it that), is our 5 year old daughter Payton and 6 year old daughter Jordan.  They do clean up nicely, but I rarely remember to take photos of them like that.

Kindersley to Eatonia

Anyhow, we landed in Kindersley, Saskatchewan in June 2012 and finally, after looking at a bunch of houses, we found the perfect one, on which we promptly got outbid.  Moving onward, we decided to take another look at 'the other one' again... Somehow it didn't seem as bad as it had the first time we viewed it, the smell wasn't SO overpowering, the crawlspace didn't look like it had any LARGE animals living it it.  The bathroom actually COULD have two people it in, you just had to turn sideways...  We bought it.  We took possession of the house on September 19th 2012.  The house is located in a small town called Eatonia, population 400 (cats, dogs, and kids included).  The town is exactly what you would expect it to be sleepy and quiet.

The house is 800 square feet and has two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, kitchen, and porch.  There is a garage and a paved driveway, but the thing that clinched the deal for us was that there is a wide open attic just waiting to be developed into a couple of big rooms for the kids...The very first thing that happened when I arrived at the house was the door knob falling off in my hand... Anyhow here is a video I shot that first day.


  1. lol, Sam I love you guys and I'm so glad that you are doing this so that we can see your journey! Good luck and I can't wait to see what you start doing with it :)

  2. Actually I think I could smell something!!!! Lyle

  3. Love your gutsy way of handling things! Always have! This is going to be very cool to follow along on :)

  4. I'm excited to see how this goes and follow your adventures!

  5. Your new house is really cute. I can't wait to see what the design team of 'Renovation 800' do.

  6. This is great Sam & Jer - your elbow grease and hard work make for great reading at our end! Love your enthusiasm, just wish I could be there to help a little.

  7. Hey Sam, this is awesome. I foresee a beautiful house. And I loved that orange carpet!